What is lIovemy.eu?

“What did you do when this all began?” might be one of our childrens questions in only a couple of years from now. Why? Over the last decades our world has seen unbelievable improvements in a lot of spaces:  Poverty, child mortality, war casualties, violence and hunger at their lowest levels ever in recent history. But todays perceived reality leaves our planet in a crucial state with threats from global warming, ISIS, Brexit and populism in many democracies.

And although statistics show success in a lot of areas, our world needs more influence from reasonable people helping to embrace tolerance instead of division, sustainability instead of short term benefit. So we asked ourselves what we could do in these fast moving times with a lot of people feeling left out. We need so many things at the same time: security, justice, democracy, education and jobs to name a few. The UN seems to be the right organisation to support. The UN tackles all these problems with a lot of great people pushing important topics in the right direction. But the UN is divided. Progress is impossible with major powers blocking each other. So what of this is within our reach? Where can we as normal European citzens make a difference? For us Europe itself is the answer. Europe is a bold project, that for the first time in history wants to unite a decent number of countries politically and economically.

The European idea has brought peace to our continent. Europe unites cultures, religions, languages and societies. We need a voice of reason in a world with tensions between autocratic superpowers. We need cultures trying to understand and support each other, religions aiming to unite. We need our own superpower to get closer to our goals. Europe is at it´s most important stage. With Brexit and other nationalist developments European success is at risk. Brexit showed every European citizen how fragile our union is today. European leaders have not focused enough on explaining the reasons for a stronger union. Emotionally Europe has little support. For the elderly Europe stands for bureaucracy and overwhelming costs, the young takes peace, a single currency and no borders for granted. We need more reasons, we need more emotions! That is what Ilovemy.eu stands for.

The team

Christian Sauer

"The people of the world are getting closer each day through the internet and social media. Although it doesn´t seem like it, we live in the most peaceful time ever in recent history. Rational politics has led us there and it feels like this development is now in danger. We need to prove that developed countries can unite and tackle current challenges together. Europe is a project, that needs to be supported to fight populism and selfishness."

Dr. Jürgen Seitz

"The EU is no longer an ambitious project, it is our future. That is why we EU-enthusiasts should raise our voice."

Dr. Jürgen Seitz is one of the leading digital experts in Germany. He is passionate about data-driven, creative and customer oriented digital marketing communication. in the role of CEO, founding partner and member of the board he has successfully helped to build several digital companies. He worked for companies such as Microsoft, WEB.DE and 1&1. He currently teaches and works at the Hochschule der Medien in Stuttgart in the field of digital marketing and business. He helps NGOs to take advantage of digital marketing channels to support their goals.

Francis Murphy

"The European idea is a unique accomplishment of unity and peace; Europe is not just bureaucratic. Citizens in Europe have their own story and a diverse culture to share – ranging from multiple languages and opinions to different types of humor and cuisines – uniting, connecting and strengthening us all. It would be crazy if we took this all for granted. Maintaining dialogue and sharing our stories while recognising our cultural diversity will help dissolve populist views so that we can continue to experience borderless travel and education."

Sven Janke-Nowak

Sven is father of 2 children and lives with his family in Berlin. He works as Creative Producer and is owner of the filmproduction company The Video Agency.  He studied Communication in Social and Economic Contexts at the University of Arts Berlin. He as a communication expert is concerned about the huge amount of hate speech comments throughout all social media channels. He would like to turn it more into love speech.

Mike Mühlberger

TV Producer, Media Coach

"I've benefitted from Europe growing closer together in the most personal way. As a German-British dual national with family in three European countries, I identify with more than one culture and refuse to choose one over the other. I am German, British and European all in one.European integration has created more freedom, stability and prosperity than in any other period of our history. Reverting to nationalism feels backward and dangerous. Nationalists have only devided Britain and many other countries. We must strengthen our common European identity in addition to our national ones. It’s time to make Europe personal - share your story!"