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We produce videos for social media to emotionally connect more people with the European idea.

The goal of this website is to give you a voice to tell the world your emotions about Europe. It is about your stories and anecdotes – experiences from traveling through Europe, the roots of your family and friends, international work and non-profit engagements. It is also about giving those who remain silent a tool to voice their thoughts and feelings. Your videos are pieces of a puzzle. Put together they are meant to give us the picture of those who treasure a united Europe.

Those who want to remain living on an island of freedom, those who haven't forgotten that it was the recent sound of canons that shook our continent, those who want to enlarge their wealth by sharing it, those who just want to defend their right to travel wherever and whenever they want, those who want to trade freely and those who want to independently decide who they love.

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Brexit II: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

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